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The following best describes what we do, and why we do it.

"There was a town near a large river with a swift current. One day, the townspeople saw children floating down the river, struggling against the current and crying for help. The people quickly gathered and frantically began plucking the children from the river. For hours they continued and still the children came. A woman began to walk away. The townspeople asked, ‘Why are you not helping? These children are drowning!' The woman replied, ‘I am going upstream and stop them from throwing the children in the river."

We do both. While we work hard to pull children from the river, we do not ignore the families whose children are dangerously close to the river's edge.

Please help us reach as many families as possible. By supporting FPC, you will be a part of supporting and strengthening parents and their children.

Our agency exists because of the generosity of those who care about families.


Be a part of our annual HOPE campaign and give hope to a family today...

Your tax-deductable donation will provide the following:

  • $25 Group Parenting session for one Parent
  • $50 Hour of personalized in home education and support from a Parenting Educator
  • $100 Homeless or Special Needs Parent - attend 4 Group Sessions
  • $250 Parents in Recovery - 2 weekly group sessions for up to 10 parents
  • $300 Spanish Speaking Parent - one parent to attend 8 Group Sessions
  • $400 Teen Parent - In School Semester of Parenting Classes for one parent
  • $500 Custodial Grandparent - receive 10 personalized In Home Parenting Visits

Our Center receives over $40,000 annually in gifts in kind to efficiently manage the Center. This enables us to direct your donations directly to educating families in need. Every child deserves to grow and develop in a safe and nurturing environment. Thanks for caring.

You can donate by Credit Card:

Donations can also be sent in the form of check or money order to:

602 3rd Street East, Suite A

Bradenton, FL 34208