Chosen Families

Chosen Families is a unique, multi-faceted support program for adoptive families. The program goal is to provide the counseling, education, and support needed for parents and children to develop and sustain safe, secure, and nurturing relationships.  Family Partnership Center is proud to partner with Family Resources and Family Network on Disabilities Manasota to provide a comprehensive continuum of professional adoption preservation and support services.  All service providers undergo specialized adoption competency training to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to effectively meet your families' unique needs.  This program is available to for families with adopted children ages 0-17 residing in Manatee County.  See our program brochure here for more details.


Teen Age Parenting Program

Manatee County has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Florida, which in turn has one of the highest rates in the country. Because of the parent's age, lack of experience and maturity, the baby of a teen parent is at a significantly higher rate of risk than a baby born of an adult. This higher risk rate signals the need for a program that is singular in its ability to reach teen parents and address the risk factors head on.

Since 2004, the Family Partnership Center has partnered with Manatee County School Board's Teen Age Parenting Program. FPC provides an experienced parenting educator for four school-based TAPP centers to facilitate discussion on topics targeted to teen parents as well as universal parenting challenges. Teens are able to learn about child development, limit setting, and temperament during interactive sessions where attention is paid to the unique learning styles of adolescents. Unique to our programs are the hands-on activities which encourage young parents and foster parent-child attachment and infant/toddler early learning skill development.

Teen parents have the same dream all parents have. That is to do the best they can for their child. The mission of TAPP is to help their dreams come true.



"I have learned about many new ways and things to do with my baby, I feel more confident to know that even though I'm young, I can be a great parent." Keisha, 15