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Parent Partner Program

The Parent Partner Program is a home visiting program for parents of children from newborn to 12 years old.

This program provides experienced parenting educators who initially make weekly visits to share information about child development and behavior which enables parents to gain insight into their children's behaviors and motivations. The program focuses on providing support and strategies that encourage effective parenting behaviors which in turn, foster positive attachment, school readiness, and pro-social skills. Hands-on coaching and skill demonstrations are an integral part of the program. Parenting educators work closely with families for six to fifteen months.

Quotes about our Parent Partner program:

"Our Parent Partner has introduced us to schedules, family time, and positive reinforcement. They work wonders!" (Becky, mother of three)

"I have learned to make rules and consequences clear ahead of time, I understand better the normal development of a pre teen and that how my daughter acts is normal for her age!" (Jen, mother of a preteen)

"This was the best experience! I learned so much about parenting skills AND got all the support I needed to change." (Amy, court-mandated mother of two.)

"My Parent Partner was very helpful, reliable and encouraging. I wish everyone could have a Parent Partner like we do!" (Amy, mother of a newborn)