Family Partnership Center Programs

Since it's beginning in 1994, Family Partnership Center has been known by families as the place to contact for parenting information.

As traditional sources of support and encouragement have disappeared Family Partnership Center has grown and become a caring knowledgeable resource for thousands of parents. They turn to Family Partnership Center when they want to meet other parents, locate resources, or learn more about being the best parent that they can be.

FPC delivers culturally relevant parenting education programs that make it easy for families to access information and support.

Our programs are designed to:

  • improve general parenting skills, typically used by parents who want additional knowledge to strengthen family life in today's challenging culture
  • focus on specific parenting issues, such as appropriate discipline, challenging temperaments, strengthening bonding, parents as a child's first teacher.
  • assist specific populations of parents, such as parents with children at critical periods of development, children with disabilities, single parents, teen parents...


Our Programs are delivered:

At home, in the community and by request (hospitals, preschools, mom's clubs, churches and more)

We make a real difference in the lives of families-

Check our calendar to see which programs you would like to participate in.