About Family Partnership Center

Family Partnership Center is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, Tax ID #65-0374386, State of Florida Registration number CH9376.

We Can Help - Click Here to Play VideoBecause babies don't arrive with directions, and each family is unique, a standard set of directions wouldn't be much help. Family Partnership Center (FPC) is the next best thing to a customized parenting manual. Our experienced and knowledgeable educators help parents understand their children's development and behaviors, learn effective parenting skills, and discover fun ways to enhance learning and parent child bonding.

FPC serves families residing in three counties by offering in-home parenting services, community-based groups, classes and workshops. Family Partnership Center delivers programs that foster the effective parenting of children and youth. Our programs are FREE to parents and caregivers and are offered daytime and evenings, many with free childcare. Parenting is the most important job in the world and we believe that all parents deserve up-to-date information and support as they learn to do the job effectively. Because of the Family Partnership Center, no one has to do it alone!

MISSION: To strengthen all families and prevent child abuse and neglect in at risk families through comprehensive parenting programs and enhanced community awareness and support.



  • are committed to their child's well being.
  • have the responsibility to love unconditionally, nurture, guide, educate, encourage and protect their child from birth to adulthood.
  • most effectively meet the needs of their child in the context of a respectful, responsive and supportive relationship.
  • are a child's first and most influential teachers and profoundly impact all domains of growth and development.
  • are the primary decision-makers for their children.
  • bring strengths to their parental role.
  • bring unique histories, goals, values and beliefs to their role.
  • deserve and can benefit from parenting education and support.


  • is a life-long, dynamic process.
  • is reciprocal between parent and child.
  • is influenced by many factors including temperament, personality,biology and the unique experiences brought to the relationship by both parent and child.
  • is influenced by the social, economic and psychological context offamilies, communities and cultures.
  • involves creating a balance between the needs of the child and the needs of the parents.


  • helps parents guide their child through childhood toward healthy adulthood.
  • enhances family relationships and promotes family resiliency.
  • is consistent with current, validated research and information regarding child and adult development.
  • is based on best practices and principles of parenting education and family support.
  • promotes knowledge and skills through education and support for all parents. recognizes, respects and responds to the unique contexts, religious,racial/ethnic and cultural diversity of each family.
  • is an effective resource for a strength-based approach to serving allfamilies.


  • are individuals whose background includes preparation in the followingareas: child development, adult development and learning, family relationships, parenting education, and interpersonal and group facilitation
  • are familiar with various frameworks, theories and schools of thought that influence and guide practice in parenting education.
  • work in partnership with parents, understanding that each parent/childrelationship is unique.
  • provide both education and support to respectfully address the goals and needs of parents and families.
  • continually expand their knowledge base of issues and topics relevant to children and families.
  • work toward developing multiple perspectives to address the diversity of families, children and communities.
  • provide the education and support parents need to make and implement effective decisions for their families.
  • build networks, share resources and advocate to effect change on behalfof the families they serve.

Taken from National Parenting Education Network website: www.npen.org

We make a real difference in the lives of families-

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